Dog Toilet Training – Flatulence

An accumulation of gas in your dog’s gastrointestinal tract can lead to flatulence; many different things can cause this. The flatulence will become more apparent obviously if you are dog toilet training at the time of occurrence.

The main causes of this in dogs is food related, perhaps your dog has scoffed his/her food down quicker than normal & in the process swallowed a lot of air. This air would then start the flatulence off. Your dog could be receiving a poor quality diet, such as a cheaper dog food or leftovers. If you encounter your dog eating their food too quickly on nearly every meal that they eat there is a trick you can try. Place a ball in the middle of the food bowl the dog is then preoccupied with the ball, they will still eat but it will be at a slower rate. If they are not scoffing their food down they will not swallow lots of air. Do not worry your dog during their dog toilet training as this can also cause flatulence, if they are particularly agitated about the training. Always feed your dog the best food possible research the best type for your dog’s activity level & age, a good dog food is easily digested therefore aiding to stop so much flatulence.

Another tip, & most dogs love this, is to feed them a spoonful of totally natural yoghurt after their food. This helps with your dog’s digestion so can in turn assist with your dog’s dog toilet training too, helping with the digestion will help with making your dog more regular so your dog toilet training should prove a little easier. Cut down on any treats you feed your dog especially any leftovers from your dinner plate, you are not helping him/her in the long run. Your dog will not thank you when he/she cannot run as much due to being overweight, thanks to you & your treats! The goodies usually contain all the ingredients that produce the gas so the less in the way of treats you feed the less flatulence your dog should suffer from.

Exercising your dog is a good way to reduce flatulence too, by walking & running your aiding your dog’s digestion system to keep moving. Do not forget either that whilst you are out & about you can still continue your dog toilet training with your dog, when your dog relieves itself you still need to praise & reward. If you have the opportunity also say your chosen ‘word’ whilst the dog’s performing. You need to praise because it’s still a very good point that your dog has relieved itself outdoors & not waited until returning home & then gone indoors.