How to Potty Train Your Dog in 1 Week

Hi Dog Enthusiast,

Dogs are wonderful creatures. There is not much that compares to sharing your life with a dog? Considering the amount of unconditional love and affection that a puppy or even an adult dog can give, They are definitely called Man’s Best Friend for a reason and I know a lot can concur.

So we love dogs! however, if you are a new dog owner you sometimes wish that new puppies or adult dogs came with a switch that you could turn to: housetrain!

Well, no such luck. Dogs are animals, and if not taught will retain their un-domesticated animal instincts to do their business whenever they want. Yes your four-legged friend will “go” in the middle of the walkway, when you’re entire dinner party is over.

So, the concern is to potty train your dog in as little time as possible. You can learn simple tactics to potty train your dog at a quick pace regardless of age and long-standing habits.

Ok, first things first. You can train your dog at any age. However, starting at a younger age will give you a better chance as even unruly pups will retain good habits faster than adult dogs. This is just because of the old habits that adult dogs may have. These habits will be a little harder to break.

Even new dog owners always recognizes that usually the approximate time frame for a dog to go potty is about 15-20mins after they have eaten or drank. That’s just how it works with dogs. So be smart about your dog’s feeding times. The best thing is to feed them (eat or drink) when you know that you will have time to take them out to do their business. Also, never punish your dog for your mistakes. If you have to leave your home and you feed them before you leave then expect that they will go.

Be patient with your dog, it only complicates things when you get angry and over aggressive when your dog does not turn overnight. Always express affection to your dog just the same. Encourage them and show respect even if they don’t get it quickly. Try to make the learning entertaining and fun. Put a light perspective on the training.

Your dog will be very confused if you have the Dr. Jekyll, Mr Hyde syndrome overnight. When he fails to comply, clean up the mess in a civil manner, without giving him any hints of anger.

Now, if you would like your dog to go potty in a specific area then all holds true as above but make sure that whatever techniques you are using that all members of the household are doing the same. Consistency and everyone being of the same page is important.